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Due to insomnia, I had to keep busy, I saw a clip of Diddy on 106&park and remembered when I first fell in love with music, Diddy was there and 15 yrs later, he’s still here. I am fast becoming a fan of dirty money.This post is going to include my favourite dirty money videos.

Diddy=sky high Fly

Dawn is too hot

Kaleena, too sexy

Stay Cool



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Detox? Finally?

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After 6 years of waiting, the questions have quieted. Until Recently. Is Dre releasing an album? is it the much-anticipated Detox? anyway he’s back with snoop and they’ve teamed up with Akon for his new video,Kush… Lets enjoy this one

Stay Cool

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Melting Pot

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As christmas approaches, I was online looking for a new pair of trainers. I had my eye on the Supra TK Society again, this would be my second pair in a different colour, But something else caught my eye. A documentary by Terry Kennedy himself, talking about the difficulties dealing with stereotypes while being a black skate boarder .

This also relates to the Ballet Black article I read last week on The  Guardian website.

click on the link below to read


I chose to talk about this because dealing with stereotypes is tough, especially when you’re been made to know that your been treated unfairly because you fall into a certain category.

The Documentary uses skate boarding as an angle, but it can be in any part of life.


Stay Cool…

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All Black Everything

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Searching the web for content, and I stumbled on the most disappointing music video of all time, Keri Hilson’s ‘the way you love me’ ft “ROZAY!!! that’s my nickname”. Thought I’d play with the lyric. The only thing I like about the video is the ‘all black everything’, reason for the post headline.

Who remembers the teenage singing sensation Jojo? she makes a cameo in this video. We need Jojo back, all grown and everything.

Stay Cool

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Facebook Campaign Against Child Violence

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Facebook gave me the idea for this post. A lot of people on Facebook are changing their profile pictures to a cartoon character they love, as a campaign to stop violence against children. I think It’s a great idea and people should get on board with it. The campaign runs until Monday December 6.

I’ve changed my profile pic on Facebook and I’m going to add a few intros to some of my favourites.


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Qatar 2022 Stadiums

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I was in class yesterday watching the 2018/2022 world cup bid, I screamed out when both Russia and Qatar won it and not England. Looking at what both countries have to offer the world, I’m not surprised anymore.

who does this?

A model of the Al-Wakrah stadium, one of the proposed 2022 World Cup stadiums in Qatar (Pic: EPA)

and this…

Al-Gharafa stadium is another of the stadiums Qatar plans to build for the 2022 World Cup (Pic: EPA)

Oh and if you think that’s amazing… This will blow your mind!!!

A plan of the Lusail Stadium, where the World Cup final will the held in Qatar in 2022 (Pic: Getty)

the most advance stadium we got is Wembley. We got a long way to go!!!

Stay Cool

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I Jacked YouTube!!!

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It’s still so cold, it’s snowing on the WordPress site. Brrrr.

This week I stumbled on a few videos this I’d love to share with you. Grime still lives BABAY!!

I saw this kid on 106&park, he’s gonna be big!!! cant seem to find his 106 performance though.

T-pain has been scarce for a while, Saw him on 106 again, the interview was so funny, couldn’t get it online either. Rap Song, his new video is impressive, as for the song errm 6/10. I might be wrong, judge for yourself.

Started with Grime and I’m gonna end it that way. Like I said Earlier, GRIME LIVES BABAY!!!

As Always… Stay Cool

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